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At Dewey Wellness Center we use the Bowenwork Technique of soft tissue therapy to help you and your animal friends to feel your very best! 

Bowenwork, is a gentle and effective form of neuromuscular integration therapy, that balances tension patterns in the soft tissue of the body. Bowenwork therapy can be used to correct musculoskeletal or related neurological problems including acute injuries and chronic conditions. It is gentle and relaxing and does not use forceful manipulation. This makes it safe for people and animals of all ages from new born babies to the frail and elderly.

Bowenwork produces long-lasting relief from pain and discomfort, often where other modalities and treatments have not been effective. Benefits may be seen and measured after the first session.

Bowenwork affects not only musculoskeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves, and internal organs, improving circulation, lymphatic drainage, assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Bowen therapy is performed on the superficial and deep fascia. The fascia, is the part of the connective tissue that envelops, separates and influences every organ and tissue in the body. Fascia is the largest and richest sensory organ in the body, having a profound effect on the body’s physiology and function.

Bowenwork addresses the whole person and aims to address the cause of problems, rather than the symptoms. 

As well as providing rapid and often long-term pain relief, Bowenwork can help to improve: 
Musculoskeletal pain and imbalance (back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankle, wrists, etc.)
Sports and accident injuries/Whiplash            • Overuse Injuries
Shoulder Issues/Frozen, etc.                          • Migraines
Arthritic Pain                                                 • Joint mobility
Overall Posture                                              • High/Low Blood Pressure
Ear/Throat Problems                                      • TMJ Problems
Stroke Recovery                                             • Insomnia
PTSD                                                             •Fertility Issues  
Neck and head tension                                   •Respiratory and asthma 
Acute and chronic fatigue/Depression             • Bed wetting 
Digestive problems                                         • Menstrual complaints 
Carpal tunnel syndrome                                  • Colic
Hormonal disorders                                         • Hyperactive disorders 
Learning difficulties                                        • Sciatica
Scoliosis                                                         • Stress disorders
Tennis Elbow                                                  • Tinnitus 

The first time I went to Tanya for treatments, I was taking pain pills by the handful and still hurting, I had twisted my left knee so it was swollen to the point that I could barely walk, my right shoulder was screaming every time I tried to use it., and my left hip was so painful I could not sleep on it. After about three treatments, I could walk and use my right shoulder again, and even my arthritis in my hip was manageable. 

         - Susan Isbell
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​Bowenwork Therapy is not intended to be a substitute for medical or veterinary advice or treatment. If in doubt, consult your Doctor or Veterinarian.