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The first time I went to Tanya for treatments, I was taking pain pills by the handful and still hurting, I had twisted my left knee so it was swollen to the point that I could barely walk, my right shoulder was screaming every time I tried to use it., and my left hip was so painful I could not sleep on it. After about three treatments, I could walk and use my right shoulder again, and even my arthritis in my hip was manageable. When I twisted my back I couldn't stand upright.. I called for help and Tanya did her magic again, I could walk and stand upright when I left her. Since then I have been able to cut way back on my pain pills and actually sleep all night long. And it is because of my friend Tanya, she has helped me so much and it is so nice to wake up in the morning NOT hurting. Each time I went I felt better than when I came to her, I just wish I had more friends to tell about Bowen and Tanya.

Thank You Tanya.

Susan Isbell

Dear Tanya,

I am so happy to share my experience with Bowenwork Therapy and how valuable my sessions with you have been. 

I had been having a number of areas of discomfort and some had been going on for some time. I was so pleased with your total approach. You are so professional and able to cause clients to be relaxed and informed at each step of the treatment.

The treatment itself was so surprising as it is such a gentle manipulation for each area of concern that during my first session I thought," how can this possibly work" but, that evening I knew my body was reacting to the treatment with soreness as if I had a really good physical work out. I knew that indeed something was happening as a result of that very gentle method.  

Areas of improvement have been in my neck, back ,hips and feet. Thank you for the special attention to the beginning of a hammer toe. I know that my flexibility in general is vastly improved and I feel great.

Thank you again for introducing me to a great therapy for life and wellness.

Rita Leigh 

Hi Tanya,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the awesome work you did using BowenWork Therapy to heal my plantar fasciitis! After just three sessions it was completely gone and I have had no reoccurring effects of it after two months. I am extremely impressed and totally happy with the results and the relief I got from your treatments.
Thank you again! I would recommend Bowenwork Therapy to anyone!

Dan Olsen
Olsen's Grain

I originally contacted Tanya because my 10-year-old Oldenburg mare had an injury to her right hind leg. The vet said swelling was due to a lymph problem and what he said to do was not working. Tanya came to my place and wanted to know the history of my horse. She had had numerous minor injuries. She also had psychological problems due to of really bad experience in her training. Tanya first worked to stimulate her lymph system. The swelling did go down and within two weeks was completely gone. Tanya also addressed the other issues my horse was having. It was fun to watch because the results were so dramatic. I've had my horse since birth and due to the bad experience in training her personality completely changed. No matter how much I tried she wouldn't trust me and she would do her work but not as a partner. After three treatments she is now doing the behaviors she did when she was younger. She loves to be with me and her work is now play. I ride dressage so riding has to be very disciplined. I'm going to start her back very slowly and have Tanya come back occasionally so she doesn't revert back. I've had horses for 40 years and I am of skeptic about alternative treatments. My horse reacted so positively to these treatments and there's no denying that there was a drastic change in her. I had forgotten all the little things that she used to do that made her her. I'm sure one reason why her disposition is so much better is the treatments took away the pain she was having from old injuries. She now has the personality that she originally had. I am so looking forward to start her training again.I I'd like to tell other people who are having problems with their horse to contact Tanya and discuss what problems they are having. I'm so happy I did.

Judith Cobb

Many, many thanks to Tanya for helping my complicated body from prior injuries find releif from unbeleivable pain and discomfort!

Trish Foster

I've been seeing Tanya for over a year now with fabulous results for myself!

I recently brought my 1.5 year old dog to Tanya when she was having bad leg pain and was not acting herself because of the pain.  She had injured this leg a few times before, minorly, but it was apparent this was a recurring injury.  She wouldn't get up on her hind legs and wouldn't jump in or out of the car.  Tanya performed her Bowen procedures on her twice, about a week apart, and now she is completely pain free and is better than she's ever been!  She jumps in and out of the car with no problems!  I'm a definitive believer in Bowenwork!  

JoAnne Golleher
Co-Owner Smart Girls Resale Store
Judith & BB
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