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What To Expect
The procedure

A Bowenwork session consists of sequences of small moves at varying pressures, each at a specific site on the body. The therapy is pleasant – therapists use light, cross-fiber maneuvers of muscle, tendon or ligament with no forceful manipulation. 

A session will typically last between 30 minutes to one hour. It can be provided through a layer of light clothing. During this time, the therapist may leave the room for periods of 2–5 minutes at a time. This allows time for your body to respond to the procedures and for the necessary changes to occur in your body before commencing the next sequence of moves. Bowenwork is so relaxing that it is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep on the table during a session.

What you can expect

Bowenwork is not an ongoing therapy. In most cases, the recipient can expect substantial relief after just the first few sessions and significant resolution or recovery within four to eight sessions. However, chronic or long-standing conditions or repeat injury may require additional sessions. Some clients have periodic Bowenwork therapy sessions to maintain body integrity and balance and to prevent the onset of problems.  
Clients often report major or total improvement in seemingly unrelated problems they had forgotten to mention to their practitioners.

Where Did Bowenwork Originate

Bowenwork has been practiced in Australia since the 1950's. An Australian named Tom Bowen developed Bowenwork over a period of several decades, by working with athletes and injured laborers. It arose from his study and profound understanding of the structural and healing mechanisms of the body and his interest in osteopathic principles.

Tom Bowen practiced in Australia from 1958 until his passing in 1982. During his career he was recorded as seeing approx. 13,000 people per year, they came from all over Australia to be seen by him!

It has only been since 1990 that Bowenwork has been taught outside of Australia, and now it is being taught and practiced in over 30 countries throughout the world!

Bowenwork is recognized as a full medical modality in England and Australia, it is so effective that it is covered under the National Health plans of both England and Australia!

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​Bowenwork Therapy is not intended to be a substitute for medical or veterinary advice or treatment. If in doubt, consult your Doctor or Veterinarian.